A Word From Grace: Monday Edition - Finding Strength in the Lord

Finding Strength in the Lord

“I have never had clarity; what I have always had is trust.” – Mother Teresa

One of the most difficult things about a time like the one we’re currently facing is uncertainty. No one knows how long the restrictions will last, what the economic impact will be, or what the personal impact will be. In times like these, our tendency is to ask God for clarity. We ask him what’s going to happen or what we should do. While there’s nothing wrong with asking God these questions - in fact he tells us to come to him with everything (Phil 4:6-7) - what happens when there’s no clear answer?

There’s an interesting story in 1 Samuel 30 in which David is facing uncertainty. He, his family, and his small band of followers are living in the land of the Philistines due to King Saul’s murderous pursuit of him. While David and his men are out on an excursion away from their temporary home city of Ziklag, the city is raided and many of their kin, including David’s own family, are carried off by the enemy. In verse ­­­­6, we’re told that David was “greatly distressed.” The city is in ruins. David and his men are presumably devasted. They have no idea who kidnapped their friends and families, nor what direction they went. David then seeks God for an answer, which amazingly, God provides, telling David that he should pursue the raiding band of enemies and promising success in the recovery of his kidnapped loved ones. A happy ending!

But, I skipped one critical piece of the story. Before God tells David what to do, before David goes out to defeat the enemy raiders, right in the moment of his distress, we’re told that David “found strength in the Lord” (1 Samuel 30:6). The significance of this is that it means that David “found strength” having not been given any clarity, having received no instructions from God, not even having asked God for anything at all. What was the source of that strengthening? It was God himself.

When uncertainty rears its ugly head, our surest hope isn’t an answer. It isn’t clarity. Rather, it’s God himself. So, make your requests known to God. Seek his wisdom. Seek clarity. But before all that, seek God himself. And as you seek Yahweh, who is the ultimate fulfillment of you needs, he will give you strength.

Application – In the week ahead, set aside time of silence and solitude. Temporarily put aside your requests and seek God for himself alone. As you practice this discipline, may you encounter the strength and love found only in the presence of Yahweh.  

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